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Rooting the Cruz T301 Tablet

The other day, woot.com was selling the Cruz T301 tablet—a 7” Android 2.2 device—for $60. The stock OS was a customized version of Android that had a lot of applications missing… For one, instead of the Android Market, it had the “Cruz Market”. I figured I’d buy two and try to root them to get a real Android device—in case I bricked one I could still use the second one as an e-Book reader (the stock OS includes the Amazon Kindle App).

The tablets soon arrived, and I followed these rooting instructions on one. Everything went great, and although I still can’t get Flash or Netflix to work (might not be possible due to the low hardware specs), I still got the full market set up with Gmail, Calendar, Mint, Youtube, Pocket, CPUMaster, etc.

It also works great as an e-Reader for my Kindle Books. It only has like 500MHz, and so it can’t handle very much, but the battery lasts forever! It’s been days and the battery is only half gone on mine. The screen is very easy to read as well.

Overall… not bad for $60!

Bogdan Varlamov

Bogdan Varlamov

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