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Replacing the WiFi Card on Acer Aspire 8943G - 6782

When my old laptop—an HP Tablet—had a problem with it’s LCD backlight, I had to make a choice: do I spend $400 to repair an almost 2 year old laptop? Or do I just go ahead and upgrade it?

After doing some research, I decided I might as well upgrade my laptop to a high-performance and proper development machine.

I selected the Acer Aspire 8943G-6782 as my computer since it seemed to have the biggest bang for the buck. I read the reviews, and was slightly discouraged.

Apparently, there was a problem with the WiFi card included in the laptop. Every half hour to 2 hours the signal would drop, and the Internet connection would fault! The only fix was the restart the machine… Luckily, there were some new drivers available for the WiFi card that helped the problem a bit. However, the Internet connection still faulted, and required me to close and re-open the laptop lid.


But, for just a measly $30, one could order a replacement WiFi card to fix the problem. I did just that, and after a couple of minutes I was back in business with a great laptop and a constant Internet connection.

To show just how easy it really is to replace the WiFi card, I recorded the entire process.

Bogdan Varlamov

Bogdan Varlamov

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