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Azure CDN Endpoint Fails to Start?

Another day, another arbitrary failure of the Azure CDN. This time, my CDN endpoint has stopped running, and cannot be restarted, for not good reason.

can't be reached screenshot

Nothing like having your website become unreachable

Attempting to restart the endpoints which stopped on their own doesn’t work and doesn’t provide any useful information about what might be happening. And, since the technical support was useless last time, I figured I’d try to solve the issue on my own.

failed to start screenshot

This time, I’m not waiting around for days

I decided to switch the CDN provider to Verizon instead of Microsoft, because all of my Microsoft CDN endpoints are having the same problem. I tried restarting them multiple times, and creating new Microsoft CDN endpoints first, but everything failed.

Creating the Verizon endpoint worked, but now I still get to experience the downtime from re-mapping my DNS CNAMEs and waiting for the HTTPS certificates to be created and mapped. Overall, I’ve been very disappointed with the resiliency of the Microsoft CDN offering.

Bogdan Varlamov

Bogdan Varlamov

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